The Truth About Yoel de Leon Londres
Jinetero de Havana
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Hello dear readers of this Blog, that is dedicated to the truth about Yoel de Leon Londres and cubans, that are called jineteros.

My Name is Annelie and I have been the girlfriend of Yoel de Leon Londres for 7 months between June 2012 and Feb 2013...

Or so I thought.

I have met Yoel on the 26th of June 2012 in Havana on Obispo. Over the time I came to fall in love with the most wonderful, attentive, funny, caring and loving man. I had found my perfect match. A man that loves family, is smart, has a good job working as a netmanager, and best of all – he loved me just the way I am. With all his heart. I found my ‘soultwin’. My personal prince of the fairytale.

The Months when I had been back in my home country Germany were hard for us, we talked a lot on the phone, wrote many emails. But it was never enough. He couldn’t live without me and I couldn’t live without him. So finally I made the decision to really do everything I can for this relationship. I quit the job I had and went back to spend 2 Months with him in Cuba. And I took all the necessary papers to get a visa so he could come back with me to Germany and we could start our life together.

Well it was a great plan. And if the prince of the fairytale had actually existed it really might have worked. But the man I loved so much does not exist. And the real Yoel de Leon Londres is an entirely different thing altogether.

So here I find myself writing this blog. Because what he does is wrong and intensely bad. And what he did to me will be done and most likely currently is done to many many other girls from all over the world. So here you will find the truth about an exceptionally talented liar named Yoel de Leon Londres.

In the upcoming time I will post the things he said and did, a lot of which he uses on different girls in different ways, in the form of a blog. If you have heard storys like this from him, or know other stories like that, I would very much appreciate if you could write a comment on this site for the benefit of future readers.

P.S.: For better understanding the entire story its best read from bottom to top.